Is this Benetton's most boring campaign ever? UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR #UNHATE

Is this Benetton's most boring campaign ever? Silobreakers words not mine (or is it an attempt to engage NEETS (what non-young people call young people who are "not in education, employment, or training) or is it drawing much needed attention to the global issue of unemployed young talent. Love it or hate it United Colors of Benetton have launched UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR a competition targeting unemployed young people all over the globe. 18 to 30 year olds without a job can send in project ideas, the 100 projects with the most crowd votes will be funded with €5000 each from the UNHATE Foundation. Competition runs from 18/09/12 - 14/120/12. Find a favourite project, support and vote for it on the projects website or dig deeper and check out the debate on the global Youth Unemployment here

Ps Thanks to Style Cartel for inspiring this post. Re: the campaign as a whole, I don't need to be shocked into having an opinion. Isn't it shocking enough that millions of talented, creative young people around the world are out of work without hope of finding a job?? Tell you what is boring, folk who moan about other people being boring and ineffective.. as my extremely big hearted, selfless, proactive sister out there helping young people would say #yawnoff :)

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