Creative Crusader x DL WARFIELD

Here's an artist I know but I didn't know I knew (does that make sense?) Came across I Shot the Sheriff Bob Marley by DL Warfield on ArtAfrica Miami Arts Fair facebook page. Having liked it and shared it on Facebook curiosity led to checking out the rest of his portfolio.
To start with I Shot the Sheriff is an illustrated piece that was part of the 2nd multi disciplinary exhibition of fine contemporary African art at Art Basel Miami (African art at Miami Basel that's some excitement in it's self right there!) the fair ran from Dec 5 - 8th. 

Warfield, the Creative Crusading creator of the piece is based in Atlanta Georgia. His art work is global but to us Brits the man behind the creative's is mostly unknown. Recognise his album art from his time at Tommy Boy Records or the now Defunct LaFace Records? His most famous that I remember, are OutKast's ATLiens released in 1996 and TLC FanMail released in 1999, because i'm a CD hoarder I still have hard copies of both. Haven't got a clue?? or your memory needs a jog, check out images below. As an all embracer you'll find Warfield at the head of Goldfinger cs advertising and branding for global companies. Not far behind is his work coaching youth sports, fundraising and sports merchandising. As always we're sharing because it's good, finding fresh expressions of artistic inspiration is good and we're caught up with these pieces ..

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