Mr Hare Killer x London Collections Men AW13

Tuesday evening at the British Academy, the only show on my radar, I loved it so much I watched all three presentations, check out his dancers choreographed by Joe Moran.  Killer by Mr Hare this is how it went "when I first started making men's shoes I had a simple personal premise that my shoes should kill all other shoes in the room dead. Silent assassins are the most deadly, so my shoes are purposely understated because its's how you carry them off that makes them killer" .... Sneaker's should be perfectly understated or floss max, there is no in between. Seasons colour of choice midnight purple-blue as seen on classic oxfords, derbys, tassel and penny loafers, single monks, double monks. For his Killer sneaker collection, you wont be able to miss his four colour spectratronic, metallic finish on bonded suede. Brand new to the line, Scarpenero 100% made in Italy, contemporary black shoes and boots for the modern professional reasonable priced at £350.00. And I asked, maybe I shouldn't have..what of the rumoured women's collection Mr Hare, a little something for the ladies, you know we're loving you up? He said something like 'soon come' or words to that effect .. hmmmmm it's cool, I can wait. In the mean time I can start saving ..


AlexanderClouston said...

Absolutely Incredible

Style Canteen said...

Amazing presentation!.. it's a shame video producers couldn't use his original soundtrack. I left the room pumped.. ready to dance !