The Fade x Andy Mundy-Castle

A 2013 good New Year to everyone. New films are coming and we cant wait to see docu-film The Fade. Ladies like me who have never stepped foot inside a barber shop, not even a little toe gracing a doormat, check out the trailer, this is one to watch. I'm intrigued, intimidated even with whole barber thing. Especially walking by Touch Of Klass on the Harrow Road West LDN, on Saturday afternoon when it's packed with the men folk shaping up for the weekend. Before you side-eye me, I know ladies who visit the barber's I have a hang-up, and? so what.. one day it will happen lol. Essentially in spite of lady visitors, men's barbershop are official male zones. It's good a living, a lucrative one if you have celebrity clientèle. For little boys waiting to get their first mohican it's a rite's of passage doorway into big people's business (where my son assures they do not use bad words), it's a social place of culture where identities and colourful personalities are shaped, where storytelling barber's, with razor's in hand break down football and other tales. Pharrel says the barbershop's like 'hood twitter' so maybe there's gossip to. 

Short on the side and longer on the top, what ever your clipper # is, this is the story of probably the most iconic men's haircut. The Fade is the documentary that opens a window into the world of the barbershop. Featuring Pharrell Williams, Jay Sean, Joe Budden, Elephant Man, Supahype and Harlesden's celebrity haircutting artist Faisel Abdu'Allah. Four barbers holding it down in Ghana, Jamaica, USA and the UK. Four men who do the same thing in different time zones, with very different realities. 4 Barbers 3 Continents 1 Cut, it is more than just a haircut. Congratulations to the film's Director and Producer Londoner Andy Mundy-Castle of Big Bright Film'spredicting big buzz on this. Looking forward to the  private preview screening at MeWe360. Have a guestlists +1 if anyone would like to join me ;-) Stay Groomed !

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